Christmas across the ditch

With two weeks until Christmas the pressure is on to finish your shopping. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Melbourne, then you’ll be spoilt for choice! From department stores to pop-up shops, Melbourne’s CBD has something for everyone. 

Shop in one spot

If you don’t have time to traipse around the shops, then Melbourne’s department stores are the answer. Everything you need in one location.  Myer and David Jones have a fantastic selection - from designer labels to homewares, toys and technology.  I’m sure you’ll be dazzled by the fabulous Christmas window displays – whether you’re a child or an adult, the much-talked about store window displays will definitely impress you.

Melbourne department store giftorium

And Myer offers personalised shoppers too. So, if you are stuck for time you can just drop your Christmas gift list off at the store and a free personalised shopper will pick out your presents, wrap them and then deliver them to your hotel. Check out Myer’s gifticians.

Pop in to a pop-up

If department shopping is not for you then Melbourne is full of pop-up stores, especially at Christmas time. The best place to find a pop-up shop is in one of Melbourne’s many laneways. Tourists are drawn to the laneways because they offer something unique. You’ll find one-off boutiques, exclusive galleries, tiny cafés and hidden bars. Look at all the laneways Melbourne has to offer.

Melbourne shop window

It’s a wrap!

Sometimes it’s not the gift but the wrapping that makes the present special. Most places offer free gift-wrapping, so don’t forget to ask about this service. 

So while you’re gifts are being wrapped, take a moment to enjoy the festivities that this big city offers. Check out the Christmas window displays, walk along the Yarra, look around the cathedral … and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

Santa & his helper

And don't forget to take the children to see Santa too.

Happy shopping!


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Best barista found at sleepy seaside locale

Melbourne is renowned for being the coffee capital, so I’m spoilt for choice when I want my morning pick-me-up! Yet, every day I go to my local coffee haunt in the seaside town of Parkdale. “Why”, you ask. Well the answer is simple – no one makes coffee like Wael.

Coffee served with a smile

Wael, referred to by many as the Mayor of Parkdale, knows all his customers by name and coffee blend. And he often has your coffee ready to go before you walk in the door. Now that is service, especially when he serves over 500 customers every morning.

No wonder that Wael has been nominated for Piazza D’Oro’s Best Barista of the Year competition being held in Sydney on 26 November.

Click for Piazza D'Oro best barista competition

Click for Piazza D'Oro best barista competition

Click image for Station Stop Cafe Facebook page

Click image for Station Stop Cafe Facebook page

Location is everything

As well as the great service, you can’t beat the location. Directly opposite the busy Parkdale station and close to major highways, the Station Stop Café is conveniently situated. It is so easy to grab your morning caffeine fix before you rush into your busy day.

PS - don’t forget those sticky treats!

I almost forgot to mention the tempting array of freshly baked cakes and biscuits begging to accompany you and your coffee. That is the other reason I love this coffee shop!

So next time you visit Melbourne remember to check out coffee shops away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Lizz - November's Guest Contributor

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