Best barista found at sleepy seaside locale

Melbourne is renowned for being the coffee capital, so I’m spoilt for choice when I want my morning pick-me-up! Yet, every day I go to my local coffee haunt in the seaside town of Parkdale. “Why”, you ask. Well the answer is simple – no one makes coffee like Wael.

Coffee served with a smile

Wael, referred to by many as the Mayor of Parkdale, knows all his customers by name and coffee blend. And he often has your coffee ready to go before you walk in the door. Now that is service, especially when he serves over 500 customers every morning.

No wonder that Wael has been nominated for Piazza D’Oro’s Best Barista of the Year competition being held in Sydney on 26 November.

Click for Piazza D'Oro best barista competition

Click for Piazza D'Oro best barista competition

Click image for Station Stop Cafe Facebook page

Click image for Station Stop Cafe Facebook page

Location is everything

As well as the great service, you can’t beat the location. Directly opposite the busy Parkdale station and close to major highways, the Station Stop Café is conveniently situated. It is so easy to grab your morning caffeine fix before you rush into your busy day.

PS - don’t forget those sticky treats!

I almost forgot to mention the tempting array of freshly baked cakes and biscuits begging to accompany you and your coffee. That is the other reason I love this coffee shop!

So next time you visit Melbourne remember to check out coffee shops away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Lizz - November's Guest Contributor

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What’s not to love about “Our Local”

Thought it would be fun to have a regular feature on “Our Local”. Whether that’s the local cafe, greengrocer, deli or butcher or even your local watering hole.  What makes your local yours and what makes you a loyal customer.

So to kick things off... a couple of weeks ago walking back to the car with a takeaway coffee, the newspaper - still love reading printed Viva magazine - and a fresh baguette under my arm, a voice called out “do you feel like a traitor?” It was the neighbour with her coffee from our local coffee place, who had caught me red-handed with coffee from another cafe.  And funnily enough, I did feel very guilty!

What makes something Our Local? 

While some people live close to their local and drive or walk past pretty much every day at some point, others might live a suburb away but make a special stop on their way to work or way home from the gym.  It might even be the place for that weekly catch-up with friends.  You sometimes see the same people at the same time each day, and there’s often a friendly hello or smile from the other regulars too.

Barista at work

Barista at work

What do we love about Our Local? 

It’s a very simple formula: fabulous coffee and superb service. There’s a wall of coffee cards so there is no need to place an order if you’re a regular – they know your name and how you like your coffee. Sometimes, if they’re really busy, the first verbal acknowledgement might be when they call out your name when your coffee is ready! Of course there is food too: freshly baked brioches and muffins, takeaway sandwiches, filled rolls and salads, juices and milkshakes. 

The locals' coffee cards

The locals' coffee cards

Where’s our local coffee place?  

For the past five years, it’s been Tana Mera Espresso, Mission Bay, Auckland.  Call in and check it out.  And do let Brent and his team know where you heard about them – Michelle from THE FOODIE INC.

Tana Mera Espresso - Mission Bay

Tana Mera Espresso - Mission Bay



PS If you’d like to write about “your local” please contact THE FOODIE INC via the contact page. The blog post should be approximately 250 words and 1-2 photos. The post will be credited with your name and location.  And of course details of your local.