Sweet or Savoury Sensations

Fancy a sweet sensation – crumpet, cake or cocoa or are the savoury flavours of paella or a hearty pie more your style?  Victoria Park Market has it all.

Last weekend saw the reopening of Vic Park Markets (facebook page).  Sunshine, live music and an amazing array of stallholders lined the laneways. People waited patiently for soft freshly made crumpets from Kraken Crumpets. The 10 minutes wait to sink my teeth into the sweet indulgence of nutella and banana was worth every minute. Judging by the swarm of happy faces, savoury toppings of bacon and egg, salmon and cream cheese, hummus sundried tomato and olive proved popular too.

Kraken Crumpets

Delicate fresh flowers topped gluten free carrot cakes at Baker & Co’s cakery. The dizzy array of slices had all but sold out when we wandered back later in the day.

Baker & co

Watching the toasted vanilla bean marshmallow melt in front of our eyes, then sandwiched between spiced crackers, the guy with the blowtorch looked like he had made the s’more just a few times before.  Perfect paired with a hot cocoa sundae from Goodnight Cocoa.

Goodnight Cocoa
Goodnight Cocoa
Goodnight s'more 3.jpg

If beef and blue cheese is more your thing, sink your teeth into a Heaven Scent Pie.  With mouth-watering flavours such as Moroccan lamb tangine and coconut chicken and cashew if that doesn't get your tastebuds tingling then the spicy aroma of paella next door just might.

Heaven Scent Pie

While Better Butter’s claim to be the toast improvement specialists, if you’re looking for a different ice cream topping, we hear that the cashew and coconut nut butter hits the mark.  It tasted pretty good on its own too.

Better Butter

Brought to you by the team behind Little Big Events, the legendary Vic Park Markets (facebook page) are back, every Saturday 9am – 2pm at 210 Victoria Street West. 

Victoria Park Market is definitely the place to meet friends next weekend. Love to hear what you think so feel free to comment.


Welcome Back Vic Park Markets

Driving along Tamaki Drive to the city, bright spinnakers sprinkled the inner harbour like M&Ms, a gentle gusty breeze urging them towards Rangitoto Island and beyond. As the sun twinkled on the water a sudden realisation the sunblock had been forgotten yet again; let’s hope there is some shade at our destination.

Around the corner, under the motorway overpass the entrance to Victoria Park Market was jammed with pedestrians – some curious tourists (their accents gave them away), some locals out for a stroll and many, like us manifesting a carpark and with high hopes the new market would live up to our expectations.

Iconic Auckland symbols high above the entrance

Iconic Auckland symbols high above the entrance

Laidback music filtered through the crowd – we soon discovered Anika Moa playing a set in the courtyard. The labyrinth of walkways was studded with stalls from artisan crafts to flowers, vintage antiques, fashion jewellery and clothing, to sweet and savoury foodie delights.

Anika Moa entertaining the crowd

Anika Moa entertaining the crowd

Looking down into the crowd

Looking down into the crowd

Brought to you by the team behind Little Big Events, the legendary Vic Park Markets (facebook page) are back, every Saturday 9am – 2pm at 210 Victoria Street West. While on-street parking is available, catching the link bus might be a good option too.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to meet friends on a Saturday morning, indulge in some tasty treats or simply get your Christmas shopping underway, followed by lunch at one of the many permanent cafes and restaurants, make Victoria Park Market your meeting place next weekend.

Vic Park Markets laneways.jpg
Vic Park Markets laneways 2.jpg
Vic Park Market laneway 3

Fancy sipping on a cider, tucking into a pie, paella or freshly made crumpet?  Or are you in need of a sweet pick me up for now or later? A post on the foodie delights of Vic Park Markets will be up on the blog later in the week.