Learn to cook: The Paleo Way

Die-hard followers, the curious and the odd sceptic or two - the room was full to bursting.  Auckland was one of the final locations (Wellington event Sunday) on the Pete Evans, Luke Hines and special guests’ tour of Australia and New Zealand. 

Very aware of the recent media onslaught, I went along with a friend and an open mind.  Within a few minutes the first myth was dismissed. Phew - Paleo is not all about meat! Secondly, it's not a diet; in fact the ‘D’ word wasn’t once mentioned. Pete suggests not mentioning Paleo until someone notices a change in you and asks, “What are you doing differently?”

Pete and Luke’s colloquial banter entertained and informed.  Twenty-two recipes demonstrated made it look easy, a key point to the day but really only 21 dishes if you discount the cremated broccoli. No more than 45 minutes in the kitchen each day; now that will hold loads of appeal.

Excuse iPhone photo - writing notes was enough to arouse suspicion you were media

Excuse iPhone photo - writing notes was enough to arouse suspicion you were media

Nose to tail eating is encouraged but more importantly, understanding where your food comes from and how it got to your plate. It’s all about nutrient dense, whole unprocessed foods, leafy greens, nuts, free-range chicken, grass-fed meat, and wild (not farmed) seafood. And mountains of fresh herbs and a pantry full of spices. Not forgetting your gut health; the hearty stock and the fermented vegetables to incorporate each day.

The line-up of health and well-being guest speakers was impressive including: Nora Gedgaundes a widely recognised expert on Paleo; Dr Brett Mills a wellness expert, chiropractor and author; Helen Padarin a nutritionist and Auckland-based dietician Karyn Zinn and many more.  A knowledge journey not a sermon; informative and credible - they talked Palaeolithic principles, the science behind it and mentioned research underway, at AUT up the road. Yes there was the odd dig at the media and their lack of education. And no, no one admitted to being media on the day; my notepad kept close.

Your event ticket also gives access to The Paleo Way 10 week activation programme.  A holistic programme tailored to a Paleo lifestyle: nourish your body, move your body how you love to move, have fun and feel positive.  To be activated within 6 months, it suggests that you embrace the programme 100% to get maximum benefit.

Their mission: to change a community and create a movement. Your mission: to decide if ‘The Paleo Way’ it the right way for you.

For more information: The Paleo Way by Pete Evans

Definitely, food for thought.