No Baggage Restrictions

As someone who has lived out of a backpack for weeks on end, although on reflection the last true backpacking trip was Vietnam 10 years ago, my packing skills are pretty impressive given I'm a last minute packer.  It still brings a smile to my face when I remember proudly showing people photos of an amazing trip through the Middle East and them pointing out that I was always wearing one of three t-shirts in every photo.  My excuse, I had to throw out some clothes so I could fit in the mortar and pestle, backgammon set, cushion covers and carry my Turkish carpet.

Travelling by car there is no need to worry your about baggage allowance or how much space things take up so long as everyone has a seat and plenty of leg room. Visiting food producers and picking up local products to try when I get back home is so appealing and you can always squeeze one more thing in. 

So yesterday after cleaning out the pantry to get rid of the ant infestation – it happens every time there is a huge downpour after a long dry spell – I reacquainted myself with the numerous jars, bottles and packets from February's trip to Hawkes Bay, about half of what was brought back to Auckland.  Funnily enough the wine and cheese are long gone.

Products from a few Hawkes Bay food producers

Products from a few Hawkes Bay food producers

Over the next few weeks the challenge is to experiment with these fabulous New Zealand products, some of which are only available in selected outlets or farmers markets and showcase these New Zealand food producers on The Foodie Inc website.

And just to show I've kicked things off already, below is last night's chicken curry using the Chilli Lime Sambal from Aromatics.  Let's just say the label did warn that it was hot! You can check out more of their products here: Aromatics | Gourmet Sauces | Smoked Mushrooms | Hawkes Bay

Aromatics chicken curry

Have a great week.