Simple Pleasures for Mum

Sunday is Mother's Day.   Cards, chocolates and flowers never go a miss.  But is anyone rushing out to buy Mum a vacuum cleaner or iron on Mother’s Day, unless of course she really wants one.

Hot smoked salmon blinis with homemade beetroot relish

Hot smoked salmon blinis with homemade beetroot relish

Cook from the Heart

Keep it simple: freshly baked cheese scones or blueberry muffins; her favourite cake; a home-cooked breakfast, brunch or lunch.  The more adventurous might create an indulgent high tea. Bite-sized zucchini fritters with a dollop of chilli salsa.  Hot smoked salmon topped with homemade beetroot relish on blinis or served a top fat cucumber slices.  Port and prune chocolate dipped truffles.  What about a platter piled high with pungent blue cheese, fresh walnuts and figs drizzled with local honey.  Coffee, tea or spoil Mum with a glass of New Zealand bubbly.

Warm blueberry muffins

Warm blueberry muffins

Create Something

The simplest way to show Mum how much she means to you is to create something yourself. A hand drawn card, a photo book of family photos capturing favourite moments and sprinkled with quotes, phrases and messages, or given the digital world will live in, a beautifully framed family photograph.

Nine Simple Ideas to Make Mum's Day

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Give her the night off, cook dinner for everyone
  • Take a Sunday drive and play tourists in your own town
  • Stroll the beach and watch the waves
  • An hour’s peace and quiet might do the trick
  • Picnic in your local park
  • Tea, biscuits and chat
  • Give her a huge hug
  • Laugh, Live, Love.

Celebrate with your Mum this weekend.  Spend time together creating precious memories.

Happy Mother's Day.