Favourite Neighbourhood Haunt

One of the first posts in The Foodie Inc blog back in November was about my local coffee place, so thought it was time to share another of my favourite neighbourhood haunts.

Funnily enough this local place isn’t even in my neighbourhood - I did live up the road 20 years ago but it didn’t exist then, so not sure that really counts.  It’s somewhere a close friend I’ve known since primary school and I love to frequent when we fancy a relaxing, low-key dinner to catch up for a goss.  Where we can laugh out loud, talk non-stop, take forever to decide what to eat and then usually, although not last night, order the dinner bento box.  Quite often we are the noisiest people there and like last night, the last to leave at 9:30pm!

Shogun's Seafood Teriyaki - something a little different tonight

Shogun's Seafood Teriyaki - something a little different tonight

So what’s the attraction?

At the end of a quiet cul de sac in Meadowlands, Howick next door to an Asian supermarket, there’s a block of unassuming ethnic shops and restaurants, and a very loud karaoke bar too.  Tucked in the corner, you’ll find Shogun Japanese Restaurant.  Come to think of it, the car park outside the karaoke place was a murder scene late last year too, so quiet might not be quite the right word. Coincidentally, we’d been there the night before the murder - the restaurant that is, not the karaoke bar.

So being someone who loves to eat out somewhere I haven’t been before, why do we keep going back? It’s simple, we love their flavoursome dishes; the friendly service and its BYO wine too – what more do you need, when the sole purpose is a mid-week girlie catch-up!

Shogun's Nabe Udon - seafood hotpot

Shogun's Nabe Udon - seafood hotpot

Want to write about “your local”?

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Hope you’re enjoying the summer holidays and long may this sunshine last.