Cookbook Journeys

Some people simply love to devour cookbooks from cover to cover. A friend who is an avid cookbook collector has bookshelves and boxes full of cookbooks but doesn't actually cook from them.  With a keen interest in tracking down out of print and classic cookbooks, she gets more pleasure from perusing the pages – from author notes and tips to glossy enticing photographs, interesting lists of ingredients or unusual cooking methodology. 

Others might spend hours reading them from cover to cover to mark which recipes to make. Then later making notes on recipes they tweaked when cooking.  But one thing that all cookbook lovers enjoy is reading the author's story, understanding their philosophy, motivation and inspiration behind the book.

For a recent assignment for my Le Cordon Bleu, Masters of Gastronomic Tourism I reviewed the first cookbooks of four contemporary New Zealand authors.  Click Cookbook Journeys to read their stories.

Hope everyone has a great week.