Favourite Kitchen Gadget

You can never have too many kitchen gadgets but you might be surprised which one is my real favourite.  What might not be so unexpected is that sometimes, you could use one tool instead of the other, though not always with the same desired effect.

One is red, shiny and heavy. It required hours of research before purchase and thankfully doesn’t jump around the bench like the old one.  With simplistic controls not too dissimilar to traffic lights there’s no mistaking their purpose.  An abundance of bowls, blades and accessories makes it so incredibly versatile.  The one and only drawback - they really need to design one that self-cleans!.

Mint and pistachio pesto

The other is simple both in function and form, and timeless in design and composition.  I love the transformation of ingredients from one outward appearance to another - the physical crushing, grinding and often pounding that then reveals itself as an aromatic spice rub, a smooth dip or even a chunky guacamole.

Coriander Pesto

While I love them both, I will leave you to decide which one I can’t live without.  And feel free to comment on what is your favourite kitchen gadget and why.