Coffee Addiction

Every day, without fail my day starts with herbal tea or if there are home grown ones, a lemon squeezed into a glass of hot water.  It happens most days, usually by ten - this urge for something dark, strong and smooth. 

Long black & jaffas.jpg

It beckons. Heading off in the car to a meeting, coming home from a spinalates class or simply it’s just that time of the day.  It’s not the aroma that sells houses.  It’s not the hiss of the machine or the banter of the barista.  It’s not even the caffeine hit, which never seems to kick in.  It’s simply a ritual. Something I do, almost without thinking.

And most days it’s only the one, sometimes none. But today, I lost count. Focused, working on a new project, the very act of making coffee provided a reward.  It’s a welcome distraction.  It’s an excuse to move.  Any excuse, to get up from my desk. 

Given today’s coffee intake was more than the usual one, I'm seriously wondering whether a daily coffee creates a caffeine addiction.  I stop for migraines, head colds and waxing - yes it does make a difference to the pain. So I could stop tomorrow but I rather like it.  I like it strong, stand up spoon strength. I detest instant and would rather go without so maybe I’m not really addicted after all.


ps I hope I sleep tonight...