THE FOODIE INC has been created by Michelle Jones, a seasoned traveller who enjoys exploring new places, meeting the people and experiencing the culture, scenery and of course the amazing local food.

Michelle, a truly passionate foodie and avid photographer, she especially loves travel and food photography – hence THE FOODIE INC tagline “love food love travel”.

With way too many cookbooks and food magazines, Michelle thinks nothing of inviting people for dinner mid-week and planning the menu as she does the food shopping. And she has even been known to cater social events for up to 50 people from her kitchen – well she did start her sales and marketing career in the hospitality industry!

As a regular traveller, both overseas and within New Zealand, Michelle has always believed that the local food, wine and produce are an important component of those journeys. THE FOODIE INC hopes to inspire you to explore New Zealand's amazing food landscape for yourself.


Michelle Jones